Prices revisited

Aspens in the Sierras. Priceless
Aspens in the Sierras.

This is a very important subject and one I have never known how to address.  All of my life in the vet business, pricing was the hardest part.

Here is how I would like to handle pricing.  When you order something and we have worked out the plans of the piece you would like, I will give you a price that I will not go over.  If it takes considerably less time, or the materials were much less expensive, it may go lower.  Also, if I finish the piece and you are not satisfied, there is no obligation.

And, nothing will probably be less than $500.

I hope we  are both winners in this way.


Couldn't resist, one more table.  this is only piece I have ever sold.  It is in Sandy's (my sweetie) office in San Francisco.
Couldn’t resist, one more table. This is first piece I have ever sold. It is in Sandy’s (my sweetie) psychotherapy office in San Francisco.  She also sees people in Los Altos where you can find most of the other things on this site.  (She is great!!!!)