These pictures are the work I have just completed.  They are under their correct titles in the site but here they are all stacked up here.   I will continue to add new pieces as they “happen”.



This is an entertainment center cabinet. The outside is all extinct Hart Pine stained and varnished




IMG_0120IMG_0110cutting board made from wine barrels cut so that it is the end grain. The red color is from the wineIMG_0037IMG_0111 (1)



Outside chairs, aged redwood with old fence posts for front legsIMG_0125





same table as just above. Been aged with secret formula which I will give you if you ask

My first try at cabriolet legs. couldn't figure it out, guess what, learned on youtubeIMG_0270IMG_0258

IMG_0205 IMG_0209 IMG_0203 IMG_0206IMG_0241photo 2 (1)