What is an old veterinarian

doing making furniture?

roos pic cameron

After 53 years as a veterinarian, I came to see that times had changed.  Maybe I would like to have a different life.  I envisioned a life where I didn’t have to do something on a timetable, I could have time for my projects and could read the paper longer and go to Peets when I wanted to.  I knew that I couldn’t leave my job as a vet without having structure.  I went to one of my favorite places in the whole world, Hidden Villa, an environmental and teaching preserve in Los Altos Hills and asked to do projects there.  They said yes and I also wanted to build things because I love getting an idea and building a piece of something, seeing a creation emerge.  My sweetheart of 55 years said, “why don’t you build furniture?”  “I never thought anyone would buy it,” I said.  She  said, “yes they will.”

My idea with this website is to convince you that I can make something for you that you will like.  If you lived close, I would come and have a conversation, look where you want the piece and look at your other things to get an idea on your style.  If you are far away, would use your smart phone and have you email me a video so that again, we would have talked through your project.  I would also have you give final approval when I have completed my work and if you think I have missed the mark, you would not have to take it.

So, let me know if you like these pieces.  I think I have made more tables than anything.  But I have built a chair, many beds, an outdoor bench, indoor benches and cabinets and desks.  If you have any questions, email me.  I have added a blog for you to add comments. Will appreciate you doing just that.


A table made from a log that I found on Moody Road.  I think it's my favorite piece

 This table is one of my favorites.  It is made from a pine that dropped a mile away from my house.  I cut an 8 foot piece off to make a mantle for our fireplace.  Enough wood was left to build this.  You can enlarge any picture on this site by double clicking.